Acqua termale viso: i benefici per una pelle radiosa

Facial thermal water: the benefits for radiant skin

By using thermal water-based products for the face you can obtain multiple benefits. Day after day the skin becomes radiant. The face appears brighter, the epidermis is more toned, elastic and young. As if that weren't enough, the various imperfections also disappear. An example? The color of the skin becomes uniform and the spots, even those created by the sun or by aging, disappear just as pimples and redness due to inflammation disappear.

What are the benefits of using thermal water for the face?

What can we do with thermal water-based products for the face and why should we use them in our daily beauty routine? As skincare lovers already know, thermal water-based products or thermal water itself offer the possibility of purifying, hydrating, exfoliating, plumping and rejuvenating the skin of the face. In addition to this, they can also balance the pH of the skin and protect , with ad hoc combinations, from the sun's ultraviolet rays and therefore from the appearance of various blemishes.

Why is all this possible? How do Ischia Spaeh face products make your skin so radiant? At the base are the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water . The latter, in fact, in addition to being able to help stimulate and regulate diuresis, but also to fight gastrointestinal problems, is used specifically to treat diseases that affect the skin. Several clinical studies prove its effectiveness in treating disorders due to acne, boils, dermatitis, eczema, sores, ulcerative wounds and burns .

What makes the difference are the substances contained in the thermal water of Nitrodi, the same substances with which this thermal water is enriched by flowing underground. The greatest benefits that we can obtain by using thermal water for the face derive, in fact, from the action of the minerals which allow us to relieve inflammation, but also to smooth the skin of the face and make it smoother, as well as making the pores dilate and thus improve perspiration.

Radiant face: how to purify, hydrate and plump your face

There are already many people who use thermal water as a beauty secret for the face because they have discovered its benefits. Ultimately, it's about including a natural product in your beauty routine that can make your face truly radiant and healthier if used consistently.

Skincare experts recommend, every morning, cleansing your face with specific products, such as those from Ischia Spaeh, and using moisturizing and plumping creams . To properly purify the face, you might need a nice mask once a week or, for a deeper action, you could use smoothing and toning mud for the face and body . It gives a feeling of energy and vitality to the whole skin and frees it from dead cells and impurities.

To choose the most suitable cream for your face, it is a good idea to analyze your skin type . There are, in fact, nourishing creams for dry and sensitive skin, or creams that help regulate sebum in oily skin. Depending on your needs , you can then opt to use:

In the latter case, the objective is to prevent skin discolouration thanks to the action of its active ingredients capable of acting on the production of melanin.

The evening? You always need to purify your face after a day spent in the city center amidst the smog or go and remove any residue of make-up and give your skin time to breathe. Furthermore, before going to sleep, drier skin may need to be properly hydrated while more inflamed skin needs a soothing action with the use of suitable products.

Fight acne and pimples with thermal water: aim for blemish-free skin

Based on thermal water, against pimples , there are several Ischia Spaeh brand products to include in your beauty routine. Acne treatment , for example, includes:

  • cream;
  • mask;
  • soap;
  • spray water.

In this case, the benefits deriving from the use of thermal water for the face mean that the production of sebum can be regulated, rebalancing it, but at the same time they allow you to combat inflammation by carrying out a soothing action on the affected areas.

Do you want a radiant face? Choose the Ischia Spaeh thermal water-based facial products that best meet your needs!