The extraordinary effects of Nitrodi spring water in treating many skin diseases (as well as other conditions) have often been hailed as a miracle! Even the ancient Romans considered these waters to be divine: when they were cured of some disorder thanks to the Nitrodi baths, they expressed their gratitude by giving "ex voto" offerings to the Nymphs and Apollo. The votive reliefs still survive today; they are eleven marble slabs and nine anaglyphs dating back to the period between the first century BC and the second century AD. Today, these monuments are housed in the Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Hermitage of St. Petersburg.

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Not just a miracle, but science too.

The properties of the waters of Nitrodi have attracted the attention of the scientific world as well. Even in the ancient times we mentioned before, there was a school of medical hydrology at the springs, where numerous physicians practiced. Some of their names we know: Monnus, Menippus, and Aurelius Numerius Fabius. In the Renaissance, the thermal water of Nitrodi was studied by Giulio Iasolino, but over the centuries, a great many thermal spring experts have analysed the waters with a strictly scientific approach. These include professor Mancioli in the '60 and, in more recent times, the dermatologist Antonio Mazza. Nitrodi spring water is most effective in treating dermatitis and in nearly all diseases affecting the skin (eczema, acne, neurodermatitis).

It has recently been the subject of an in-depth study by Prof. Costantino of the University of Salerno, which highlighted its efficacy in the treatment of psoriasis.

This water is particularly effective against ulcerated varicose veins and in treating sores, fistulas, boils, burns, and ulcerated wounds. Mineral water treatment involving drinking the water has a diuretic, digestive, detoxifying, and gastric soothing effect.

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