I 4 migliori prodotti per curare la psoriasi

The 4 Best Products for Treating Psoriasis

Nitrodi Water, soothing cream, bath shower, and shampoo: these are the 4 best products for treating psoriasis, specially created by Ischia Spaeh. These are entirely natural products with no contraindications, containing 100% thermal water from the Nitrodi Nymphs' Spring and harnessing its benefits to the fullest. Each of them utilizes different functions of thermal water, such as its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Additionally, they offer exfoliating action for both the facial and body skin. To understand why these are the cornerstones of a natural approach to treating psoriasis, it's essential to first know exactly what psoriasis is, how it manifests, and what it can mean for individuals.

What is Psoriasis?

Before delving into the 4 best products for treating psoriasis, it's crucial to truly understand what you're dealing with. The most important question to ask remains a single one: What is psoriasis? It's a chronic inflammatory skin condition of autoimmune origin. It can be genetically inherited, with about a third of patients having a close relative who suffers from it, or it can arise due to environmental conditions and psychosocial stress.

Specifically, it occurs when the immune system triggers an overproduction of skin cells, leading to thickening of the skin. This results in unsightly patches and plaques on the epidermis, causing discomfort to those affected.
Triggering factors can include:

  • Physical trauma;
  • Medications;
  • Streptococcal infections;
  • Stress.

We know that psoriasis can manifest mildly before the age of 20 or appear in a severe form from the outset. Its course is irregular and can worsen significantly during periods characterized by high stress.

According to the latest medical studies, an estimated 3 million people in our country alone, aged between 15 and 45, are affected by psoriasis. This is not a statistic to be underestimated and underscores the importance of finding entirely natural treatments to combat it.

How Psoriasis Presents Itself How can we recognize psoriasis?

It presents as red patches with scales or crusts in various parts of the body. Typically, it is most prominent on:

  • Elbows;
  • Knees;
  • Palms of the hands;
  • Around the nails;
  • On the lower back (intergluteal cleft);
  • Scalp.

Treating Psoriasis Naturally The presence of psoriasis in a patient is identified by a specialist, such as a dermatologist, during a routine examination. The diagnosis can be made through a simple clinical examination and a thorough medical history or through a skin biopsy. The specialist takes a skin sample for laboratory analysis. Once the condition is confirmed, the dermatologist prescribes the treatment plan based on the symptoms, location, distribution of patches, and severity.

In more severe cases, innovative therapies involving the administration of biological drugs or targeted drugs are used. In milder cases, laser treatments and excimer therapy are employed, along with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory creams. This underscores the importance of using the products that are part of the psoriasis and dermatitis treatment created by Ischia Spaeh, harnessing the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water.

Within this treatment, you will find the 4 best products on the market for treating psoriasis:

  • Nitrodi Water, which provides antioxidant, soothing, and softening actions for sensitive and irritated skin;
  • Soothing face and body cream, which, thanks to its moisturizing and keratolytic action, alleviates the characteristics of dry, rough, and flaking skin;
  • Shower gel that maintains the hydrolipidic film of the skin;
  • Soothing shampoo that nourishes irritated scalp, relieves itching, and increases skin hydration.
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