Beauty routine primavera ed estate: come fare una buona skincare

Spring and Summer Beauty Routine: How to Achieve Good Skincare

What are the rules for the beauty routine in spring and summer? Here's how to achieve good skincare and prepare your skin to face the return of the beautiful season and the sun, getting rid of all the grayness accumulated during the winter. If spring is synonymous with cell turnover, summer is certainly about light, joy, and liveliness. It's necessary to prepare the skin to face not only exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays but also to show itself in perfect shape. Without scarves, hats, gloves, but especially long-sleeved sweaters and high-necked pants or long skirts and sheer stockings, we will have the opportunity, day after day, to reveal important centimeters of epidermis that will be our calling card. For this reason, it's better to avoid having dry hands, arms, or legs, unsightly spots, or other blemishes. How to do it? We are aided by the natural thermal products for the body from Ischia Spaeh.

They exploit all the benefits of the thermal water of Nitrodi.

How to Achieve a Good Spring Skincare Routine: Fundamental Steps

How to achieve a good spring skincare routine? Perhaps not everyone knows that their beauty routine should be adapted to the various seasons. It's necessary to adopt some small tricks and follow the advice of experts to best face this season. The fundamental steps in this period are mainly three:

  • Cleansing. This is a fundamental phase to refine the texture, nourish the epidermis, and prepare it to face summer better.
  • Peeling or Exfoliation. It promotes cell turnover, helps eliminate dead skin, and say goodbye once and for all to the winter grayness.
  • Skin Care. It requires the use of treatments according to your skin type. You need to use moisturizing creams if you have dry skin, soothing creams for acne-prone skin, or creams capable of regulating sebum production if you have oily skin.

In short, in spring, nature wakes up, and the skin feels the need to receive a burst of energy and vitality. It's important to modify your beauty routine and choose products more suitable for the spring and summer climate.

What are the benefits? As we now know, proper cleansing, if done the night before going to bed, helps remove makeup residues, if done in the morning, it prepares the skin properly and ensures that subsequent treatments are absorbed in the best way. Without them, other treatments would be truly ineffective. What products to use? We have seen how thermal water for the face makes the facial skin radiant. Ischia Spaeh products are the best. They help cleanse, exfoliate, and then also moisturize the skin of the face and body, plump and rejuvenate it. To exfoliate, for example, you can use the smoothing and toning face and body mud. Then you can take advantage of the benefits of various creams: from acne treatment to anti-aging, from anti-spot to moisturizing.

Summer Skincare Routine: Discover the Benefits

What are the benefits of a correct skincare routine for summer? Just as in spring, even with the arrival of the heat, it's necessary to adapt your beauty routine to the change of season. It's indeed important to pay particular attention to the skin in this season where the sun's rays are stronger, and different areas of the body are more exposed to them, to avoid damage caused by UV rays. Carrying out a correct skincare routine for summer means:

  • keeping the epidermis healthy;
  • helping proper hydration;
  • protecting the skin from rays and heat;
  • deeply cleaning to prevent the appearance of spots and other blemishes.

How to Do a Summer Beauty Routine and What Products to Use? 

Here are 5 useful tips to prepare for the summer season and the warmer months.

Deep cleansing with gentle products. Use products that are not too aggressive as sweat, sebum, dust, and pollution, in addition to the sun, already put a strain on the skin. Only in this way do you achieve fresh and radiant skin.

  • Regular exfoliation. It's important to ensure cell turnover and make the skin more luminous and softer. This way you can get a more uniform and regular tan.
  • Use creams and masks tailored for specific treatments. This makes the skin luminous, plump, full, and silky, but above all, it looks younger and healthier. Among the various treatments, don't forget the refreshing one. For this, just spray some thermal water and get immediate relief.
  • Deeply moisturize the face and body
  • Protect from the sun. Among the Ischia Spaeh products, there are specific sunscreens such as sun protection with snail slime or protections 30 and 50 for all skin types.

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