Creme lenitive: cosa sono e qual è la migliore per la tua pelle

Soothing creams: what are they and which one is best for your skin

What are soothing creams and which one is best for your skin? We could define a soothing cream as a helper that comes to the rescue whenever there's a need to alleviate discomfort on the skin due to irritations, dryness, or more generally in case of alterations of the epidermis. Which product to use? There are indeed many soothing creams on the market, but if you love your skin and want to achieve the best results, it's necessary to rely on products from Ischia Spaeh.


What are soothing creams?

Let's clarify. What are soothing creams? Explaining it is not difficult at all. They are creams that have calming and moisturizing properties, whose main purpose is to alleviate skin irritations caused by various factors. They contain active ingredients that protect the skin and help it when the following occur:

  • Inflammation;
  • Irritations;
  • Itching;
  • Redness.

They are usually emulsions composed of an aqueous and a fatty part, to which various active ingredients and different fragrances are added. Among all the products on the market, however, the soothing creams from Ischia Spaeh have an extra edge because they can rely mainly on the benefits of the thermal water from Nitrodi. This particular thermal water, in fact, contains numerous minerals and various beneficial substances, including bicarbonate, calcium, carbon, chlorine, potassium, sodium, and sulfur. Each of them has a specific purpose such as smoothing the skin, dilating the pores, thus allowing better transpiration or even just expelling all harmful substances.


What is soothing cream used for?

Now it's much simpler to understand what soothing cream is used for and why it can be used to counteract dermatitis, sunburns, insect bites, acne, as well as to prevent excessive redness of the skin after depilation or shaving.

In case of dry skin, which feels tight and causes sensations of itching and discomfort, in case of acne and pimples, in case of burns and other alterations of the epidermis, it is indeed good to resort to a soothing cream to immediately counteract any inflammation.


When to use soothing cream?

When should you use soothing cream? At all ages, without any limit. Newborns may need it to counteract redness caused by diaper use. Adults, on the other hand, to counteract various inflammations caused by the aforementioned reasons. At what time of day? Those with particularly sensitive, dry skin, or those suffering from couperose, should use it daily, especially in the morning or evening. Soothing cream helps protect the skin and counteract the action of irritating agents. As if that weren't enough, it can also intervene in irritating conditions by stimulating the natural process of skin regeneration.


What is the best soothing cream for my skin type?

Now you might be wondering: what is the best soothing cream for my skin type? The answer is that there isn't a specific soothing cream for your skin type. It is recommended for everyone, especially for those with dry and particularly sensitive skin. Unlike sunscreen, you don't need to consider your skin type. For example, face and body soothing cream can be used by everyone. It provides moisturizing and keratolytic action and can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of xerosis, hyperkeratosis, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It also helps to relieve dry, rough, and flaky skin.

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