Acqua termale spray: benefici e utilizzi

Thermal water spray: benefits and uses

Perhaps not everyone knows that thermal water spray has numerous benefits and uses. Convenient, practical, to be kept always at hand for emergency situations, Ischia Spaeh's thermal water spray is currently one of the most appreciated products on the market. It guarantees all the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water but combines usefulness with pleasure thanks to its particular format. To mist it on the skin of the face or body, as well as on the hair, only a few simple moves are needed. In a short time, therefore, it is possible to manage dry and knotty hair well, but above all to obtain relief from sunburns or other small abrasions due to depilations or shavings. Let's try to understand together all the uses and occasions in which we can rely on this product to obtain the relief we seek.

The benefits and uses of thermal water spray include:

The benefits and various uses of thermal water spray include the ability to:

  • Hydrate dry skin.
  • Hydrate hair damaged by the sun or various dyes.
  • Soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin from itching and redness due to acne and pimples, sunburns, or depilation and shaving.
  • Alleviate discomfort such as tightness or swelling of the skin (e.g., under-eye bags).
  •  Revitalize the epidermis.
  • Provide freshness on hot and humid days.
  • Stimulate cellular turnover.
  • Give a healthier and more radiant appearance, especially to facial skin.

As we just mentioned, thermal water spray can come to the rescue in numerous situations. In addition to helping us manage unruly hair and maintain perfect hairstyles by hydrating dry hair, it allows us to revitalize the skin at any time and on any occasion. It also helps with dry, flaky skin or skin burned by the sun, providing immediate relief even after a full-body depilation or shaving of the beard and mustache.

What is the purpose of thermal water spray?

Thermal water spray is used after sun exposure during beach or mountain vacations to counteract or treat sunburns or burns, but also to provide immediate relief to the skin whipped by the winter cold wind or irritated by the sea salt. It also provides immediate relief when the skin burns due to summer heat. Spraying thermal water to refresh the body and feel better immediately is very effective. In short, there is nothing better than spraying Nitrodi thermal water on our body after spending the day on the ski slopes or after being at the beach or pool all day long. The latter also helps to remove any salt residues, refreshes, but above all rehydrates and soothes any redness. Other uses? After the morning shave of the beard or mustache, after the removal of unwanted body hair, we can use thermal water spray to counteract redness and soothe the skin inflamed by the razor. We can also use thermal water as a tonic to reduce puffiness under the eyes every morning as soon as we wake up or after a long day of work and before an important evening event where we need to look our best. As if that weren't enough, it's also important to know that thermal water spray is perfect for children to soothe their delicate skin and prevent or treat diaper rash.

What does thermal water spray do to the skin?

 In short, thermal water spray acts on our skin in the same way as thermal water during balneotherapy or thermal water contained in creams, toners, soaps, and other cosmetic products. Thanks to the beneficial substances it contains, we can achieve excellent results and have skin that is:

  • healthy;
  • radiant;
  • elastic;
  • youthful;
  • hydrated;
  • without the presence of spots or redness;
  • clean as it helps counteract pimples, acne, pustules, and various impurities.

How to use thermal water spray on the face? 

Using thermal water spray on the face is very simple. In just a few easy steps, you can achieve the desired result immediately. Simply mist it around the face to feel immediate relief. Alternatively, you can spray some product onto a cotton pad and then use it to soothe redness or reduce puffiness under the eyes. If you want to achieve better makeup setting, you can use thermal water spray on the face by spraying the product at a distance of about 30 centimeters and then gently patting the face with a tissue to complete the process. It's impossible not to have Ischia Spaeh thermal water spray on hand at all times. Look in the store to get it delivered to your home right away!