Acqua Termale di Nitrodi benefici

The benefits of Nitrodi thermal water

What and how many are the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water? It undoubtedly has multiple beneficial properties. Not only it helps treat skin conditions, but it can also stimulate and regulate diuresis and help counter arthropathies and gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis and gastroduodenitis. In short, we can say that Nitrodi water is a truly natural panacea. For instance, many have already found its application and use highly beneficial. How can this be? To really understand all the benefits of the Nitrodi thermal water just mentioned, it is necessary to learn about its origins and its intrinsic characteristics.

Nitrodi thermal water: from its composition to its beneficial effects

The benefits of Nitrodi thermal water derive from its special composition and were already known in antiquity. Its origins are traced back to the time of the Greek colonisation of the island of Ischia. Indeed, at that time the spring began to be a destination for warriors to treat war wounds, for women who wanted to become mothers, for elderly people suffering from gout and arthritis, as well as any woman who wanted to improve the appearance of their skin and hair. This led the source of Nitrodi to become a very important religious centre between the first century BC and the third century AD. To testify to this there are several votive reliefs preserved at the Archaeological Museum of Naples. In short, already in ancient times the various different benefits of Nitrodi thermal water were known even before extensive studies were carried out on its characteristics and properties.

Given its fame, going forward over the years, scientists have begun to study the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water starting from the substances forming it, based on which they have classified it as: mineral, hypothermal, bicarbonate, sulphate, alkaline and earthy alkaline. What does it mean? That this water, as it travels underground, 'steals' from the various rocks and soils it crosses minerals and other ad-hoc beneficial substances that make it ideal to treat some diseases.

For instance, the action of the minerals it contains helps smoothen skin and dilate pores, thereby improving perspiration and helping expel all impurities. Other minerals, on the other hand, help relieve and calm the inflammation on the epidermis. Moreover, bicarbonate, combined with various minerals, provides a natural exfoliating action and eliminates the various layers of dead cells. On hair, instead, bicarbonate acts as a conditioner and indeed makes them shiny and smooth, as well as cleansing them.

The beneficial effect of the various substances is both for external and internal use.  Nitrodi's thermal water is even suitable to drink. Use can use it start a hydropinic cure for a diuretic, digestive, detoxifying and even gastro-calming action.

Properties of Nitrodi water: skin benefits

Emphasising that the therapeutic properties have been officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health with Decree No. 3509 of 9 October 2003, we can focus on the benefits that this water has on the skin. As reported in numerous clinical studies, it has long been used to treat various dermatological conditions.

The greatest benefits of Nitrodi mineral water have been found precisely in the treatment of:

  • dermatitis
  • eczema
  • acne
  • spots
  • ulcerative wounds
  • sores
  • fistulas
  • burns

Indeed, the use of Nitrodi thermal water has revealed that the skin immediately becomes smoother and brighter and inflammation regresses just two weeks from beginning the treatment.

The treatment of psoriasis and the recent scientific study

Among the various benefits of Nitrodi thermal water for our skin there is also one highlighted in a recent university study, the treatment of psoriasis. Thanks to its special chemical formula, this water is able to provide relief to all those who are affected by this annoying disorder and who know very well that to date there is still no decisive treatment. Nitrodi water has the extraordinary ability to reverse psoriasis to record lows, ensuring greater well-being to those who suffer from it. How can that be? Well, balneotherapy in sulphurous water promotes a keratolytic effect to keep lesions clean and consequently the annoying itching that follows is considerably reduced.

Conclusions on Nitrodi thermal water

In conclusion, Nitrodi thermal water can bring benefits from several points of view:

  • it can be used to treat various types of skin conditions through its external application;
  • if drunk, it can provide a diuretic, digestive, detoxifying and gastro-calming action.

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