Crema solare naturale: una difesa sicura e rispettosa della pelle

Natural sunscreen: a safe and skin-friendly defence

A natural sunscreen, in addition to being a safe and respectful defense for the skin, is a real panacea for our epidermis. Experts recommend its application not only during the summer and the holiday period, but all year round, to better protect ourselves from the sun's rays. Here's what we need to know about the protection and sunscreens that we often find on the market.

Natural sunscreen vs chemical-based sunscreen: the differences

What is Natural Sunscreen? Let's start from the basics. When we refer to this cosmetic product we mean something that is unique in its kind and has particular requirements. Firstly, the ability to remain stable with high temperatures and, secondly, to protect against UV radiation, creating a barrier between the sun's rays and our epidermis. In addition to this, we can add that it is a cream that can be applied several times a day and that it does not contain ingredients that can cause irritation or affect the sensitivity of the skin of each of us.

What is the difference between a natural sunscreen and a non-natural cream? Well, at the root of it all are physical sunscreens or chemical sunscreens. What is it about? Physical filters are natural substances such as:

  • zinc oxide;
  • titanium dioxide.

Conversely, chemical filters may contain: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octatonate, octocrilene, homosalate and octactoxate. These are harmful substances that influence the production of hormones and alter the natural balance in our body. As reported in recent studies carried out in America, it has been proven that the oxybenzone present in young males has revealed significantly lower total testosterone levels in the latter. In other studies, however, significant data have been brought to light regarding the correlation between exposure to oxybenzone during pregnancy and the problems found on birth outcomes.

How do physical filters work? At the base there are molecules of natural origin that do not penetrate the tissues, but provide an excellent level of sun protection without harmful effects on health or even the environment. These molecules work by reflecting light and letting the ultraviolet rays not penetrate the skin, but return back. In short, a bit like mirrors do. The merit belongs to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, they are the architects of refraction. These substances are also:

  • inert as they do not give rise to any chemical reaction;
  • photostable because they do not deteriorate in contact with light and are not absorbed by the epidermis;
  • have a lower allergenic power.

In the physical filters, however, there are also other substances or rather natural extracts capable of enhancing the skin's protective capabilities such as:

  • vitamin E;
  • raspberry seed oil;
  • carrot oil;
  • pomegranate seed oil.

Which natural sunscreen to buy: the products of Ischia Spaeh

Is there a natural sunscreen that experts recommend? Ischia Spaeh's solar products are the best on the market. They exploit the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water which makes them ideal for the skin of each of us. Among the most recommended are, in addition to the various face and body creams:

  • Solaris 50, the sunscreen with snail slime;
  • Solaris 30;
  • After sun lotion.

What do they contain? Solaris 50 is rich in plant extracts, vitamin E, allantoin or a 20% snail slime extract and sunscreens with a high protection factor and high antioxidant and anti-aging capacity. It is a cream suitable for daily use which is expressly indicated for sensitive skin and for children. Who should use it? Those who belong to phototypes 1 and 2, i.e. those with light or very light skin, blond or red hair.

Solaris 30 contains the same ingredients, but has a lower protection factor. It is therefore indicated for all other phototypes.

Finally, the after-sun is inevitable. To take care of your epidermis it is good to always use it. This lotion is able to compensate for the loss of hydration caused by sun exposure and help restore the skin's natural hydrolipidic balance by refreshing the epidermis and soothing, giving an immediate feeling of relief and comfort by exploiting the benefits of thermal water.

Do you want to buy Ischia Spaeh sun creams and take care of your skin during your holidays? Browse the site to find the most suitable Solaris cream for your phototype!