Come riconoscere dermatite da stress

How to Recognize Stress Dermatitis

To understand how to recognize stress dermatitis, it is necessary, first and foremost, to define the boundaries of this particular skin inflammation. When discussing it, we refer to an inflammation of the skin characterized by the sudden appearance of red patches, dry skin, and itching. The triggering cause is often psychophysical overexertion. How to treat stress dermatitis? By trying to eliminate the overload and, at the same time, taking care of your skin. The best approach is always to use the right products. One can rely on the multiple benefits of thermal water or products containing it, such as those from Ischia SPAEH. In addition to excellent psoriasis treatment, there are specific creams for every skin type capable of soothing, relieving, and perfectly moisturizing the epidermis.

Stress Dermatitis: How to Recognize It?

How to recognize stress dermatitis? Thanks to its unmistakable symptoms. Identifying dermatitis is not difficult, but diagnosing stress dermatitis requires the intervention of a medical professional. For a correct diagnosis, always consult your trusted specialist. They will evaluate the clinical picture and determine if the manifestation of typical dermatitis symptoms, in the absence of other obvious causes, is occurring precisely during a period of psychophysical and emotional overload.

Stress dermatitis is considered when dermatitis cannot be attributed to:

  • Confirmed sensitivity to allergens
  • Contact with irritating substances
  • Use of specific medications
  • Use of certain cosmetics

Indeed, stress dermatitis presents like any other dermatitis. Among its symptoms are:

  • Skin dryness
  • Redness of the epidermis
  • Excessive peeling
  • Presence of abrasions or crusts
  • Itching

The areas most affected by this specific dermatitis are the face, neck, hands, and feet, as well as the eyelid area.


Stress Dermatitis: How to Treat It

How to treat stress dermatitis? Generally, it is an infection that spontaneously disappears after a short period, without the need for specific pharmacological therapies. Nevertheless, due to the presence of physical and aesthetic discomfort, it is advisable to treat it (and even better, prevent it) using specific products. To alleviate symptoms related to redness and dryness of the skin, for example, you can use specific face or body creams that, thanks to their ingredients, can soothe, reduce inflammation, and moisturize. It is essential to counteract inflammation and itching first and foremost, combating excessive dryness by moisturizing the area where the skin appears dry and flaky. In addition to eliminating stress, eating well, exercising, and starting to meditate, it is necessary to use the right products

Which Cream to Use for Stress Dermatitis?

Which cream may be more suitable for stress dermatitis? By harnessing the benefits of Nitrodi thermal water and its natural ability to soothe and moisturize the skin, Ischia SPAEH creams are the most suitable in this case. Against the acute phase of stress dermatitis, when the skin is red, particularly dry, and itching persists, you can opt for the entire treatment, which includes the combined action of:

  •  A cream
  • Shampoo
  • Oil and water spray as aids for psoriasis and dermatitis

Within this totally natural and therefore hypoallergenic line, there is a 150 ml soothing cream for face and body that has a moisturizing and keratolytic action. This cream is excellent for alleviating the conditions of dry, rough, and peeling skin. Simply apply it in small amounts to various skin areas with a gentle massage for 3-5 minutes until uniformly absorbed. Also excellent is the body moisturizing cream for all skin types. Using it daily will result in perfect skin. In addition to moisturizing the face and body, this product helps prevent redness caused by external agents, leaving the epidermis soft and smooth.

Another product is the bath-shower oil capable of maintaining the hydrolipidic film of the dermis and providing, thanks to all its ingredients, greater elasticity and softness to the skin. With its use, you get a moisturizing, refreshing, and soothing action. Olive oil soap can finally be the icing on the cake for washing, day after day, and moisturizing even the most dehydrated epidermis

How Long Does It Take for Dermatitis to Go Away?

Using these products can combat stress dermatitis in a short time. However, it is necessary to try to act on multiple fronts simultaneously and take care not only of the skin but also of stress, trying to lighten the emotional and psychophysical load day by day. Within a couple of weeks, the problem may disappear completely. This does not mean that you should not continue to take care of the skin on your face and body. To counteract and prevent the onset of new problems related to dryness and dehydration, you can continue to use, within your beauty routine, specific products.

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